Braenduir Chronicles

is a captivating new epic fantasy book series for adults. Not recommended for the most sensitive readers because of the explicit content, though! But if you don’t mind severed heads and intimate scenes, keep reading. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Arron Grethsen wakes up in a dungeon. Why he ended up behind bars remains a mystery that even the two-faced warden who comes to taunt him cannot unravel. All he knows is that life has little value to him as it is.

Freedom looms just behind the corner for Toren Eddesen, but the king isn’t yet ready to let him off the hook. He has barely dropped by outside the palace walls as the Crowns Guard besieges him, carrying out an order to bring him back to the court.

The swallows’ flight ends up in a mess that seems to tear an unbridgeable chasm between Lady Irana and her loyal knight. However, gloomy companions appear hardly a problem when the consequence of a half-forgotten dream becomes evident. 

They are to choose between freedom and obligation, fate and desire, right and duty. Which path shall they pick when dreams turn to reality and legends come alive?

Slavemarked continues the captivating character-based, multi-POV epic fantasy series Braenduir Chronicles that takes the reader to the Torn Continent where most true heroes are dead but gods and monsters are very much alive.

This character-based, multi-POV series takes place on the Torn Continent where a man can be made a god, magic comes with a price, and most true heroes are dead. Although the characters all have their own paths to thread, every one of them struggles with the same problem: should they choose freedom over obligation, and if they do, are they willing to face the consequences. Some are bound by vows and honor, others by the shackles of their social rank, or marital status, but they all reach for the freedom of choice. 

At the beginning of the first book, Braenduir, the western half of the Torn Continent, is facing the first war in centuries. The rulers of the human Kingdoms clash swords over the sunlight-absorbing stone, aureen, and the hand of a princess. Some believe, however, that the conflict between the western kings is only a minor inconvenience compared to the threat that looms over the whole continent, like shadows creeping at the verges of sight. A long time ago, Braenduir, not yet torn back then, was ruled by the gods. They dwelled among the mortals, guiding and teaching them, and granted them gifts such as magic and fire.

Those were the good times, times of prosperity and plenty, but like all things, even the best of times come to an end. The twin gods of war, Stryader, and Scathidor ended up clashing swords, wreaking chaos that spread like wildfire until there was no peaceful nook on the whole continent. As the havoc they had stirred threatened to lead to the end of the world, the Supreme Goddess interfered, putting an end to her sons’ folly. This last war broke the millennia of coexistence of gods and men and the former left Braenduir, now torn in two by the Great Mother, to find a new world of their own.Millenia has passed since the first Isbaelath, but many a prophecy has been made of it coming again. To prevent the vengeful gods from pulverizing the Torn Continent, a group of people has sanctified a human man to become one or another of the twin gods of war. All they need anymore is to find the tokens into which Maelethra captured the spirits of her furious sons, and the Vessel who has been on the run for over twenty years. Are the gods truly hatching an invasion?

Will the Vessel and Tokens be rediscovered? Would releasing a belligerent god among the mortals lead to anything but utter destruction? Follow Toren Eddesen, a lecherous mercenary, Arron Grethsen, an easygoing archer, Lady Irana Stemraon, a strong-willed queen-to-be, and many others on their windy paths across the Torn Continent to find the answers to these and many smaller questions!