Braenduir Chronicles

An epic fantasy series that tells the tale of three men, a soldier, a warrior, and a knight, all of whom are forced to take a path they wouldn’t have chosen for themselves, all of whom make unusual choices when it comes to love.

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On the path to war, he finds a love to die for.

When three Hjelmen warriors cross the river to western Braenduir, none of their life will ever be the same again. They are following their own path each one, but will the roads, one rougher than the other, eventually lead to the same destination? 
Runecursed starts a captivating epic fantasy series, The Gods’ Drum, that indulges the reader with thrilling adventures, riveting mysteries, and rousing romances. This first book of the series takes you to the gods’ forsaken Braenduir where wielding magic means burning the candle from both ends. The heroes tend to think twice before sacrificing their freedom and health for the sake of honor, where finding one’s path often requires sidetracking, and puffing up your true feathers may bring you ordeal as likely as happiness. 

So, be brave, wanderer, mount your destrier, and take the crooked road of ancient mysteries and debatable romances, but beware, there might be a disturbed god lurking in the bushes and a few other surprises waiting behind the bend!