Braenduir Chronicles

is a captivating new epic fantasy book series for adults. Not recommended for the most sensitive readers because of the explicit content, though! But if you don’t mind severed heads and intimate scenes, keep reading. 

A new cover… Again.

I should be banned from using graphics software from now on. Once again, I spent the whole week creating a new cover for Runecursed though I should rather have been working with the second book… Not that I had a deadline for it. I don’t, obviously, as a self-publisher. Still, I want to write. I just can’t concentrate on it when half of my mind is constantly figuring out ways to market the first book.

I miss the time before publishing when nothing distracted me from writing. And then again, this time after publishing has been refreshing in a way. I’ve always been a loner and during the past couple of years (due to the reason we all know all too well), I’ve seen only a handful of people in real life. As a private person, I don’t use social media almost at all, so, I’ve communicated mostly with my characters (No wonder they’ve become so real and alive to me…). Now that I’ve returned to Facebook and other such as a writer, I have, to my surprise, enjoyed interacting with people.

It has done me good to step out of my own, little fantasy bubble for a while, to socialize, and do other things that I disregarded during the (obsessive) writing period, but now, I long for getting back to my daily writing routine! I hope that now that I’ve finally managed to make a cover that I actually like and enrolled the book on KDP Select (sparing myself from constantly pondering where and how should I market it), I can find my happy place anew and finish the second book.

5 responses to “A new cover… Again.”

  1. Lol, hyper focus is a thing. I myself plan to draft longhand, then get caught up for an entire day trying to find the best pen-paper-ink combo. Anyway it’s great that you have graphic design skills and can do your own covers. Wishing you all the best with your writing journey!


    • Thank you!
      I feel you; I used a day searching “the perfect eyes” for this cover… When it comes to graphic design, I learn as I go, and there’s still much to improve in both my cover design and writing. Fortunately, I enjoy learning new things and constantly honing my skills.
      All the best for you, too, in everything!


  2. I definitely feel your struggle! I’ve been so hyper focused on a new release coming up that I’ve completely neglected my writing. Just recently got back to writing, thank god! For what it’s worth I really like this cover!

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    • Thank you ever so much! I’m struggling to get any feedback whatsoever, so any comment about any part of my work means the world to me.
      It’s also relieving to know that I’m not wading in this swamp alone though balancing between marketing one book and trying to write another isn’t anything I’d want anyone having to go through. It gets wearisome from time to time. But it’s also rewarding, which is undoubtedly why we’re doing this despite the writer’s road being rather bumpy.
      I’ve also returned to writing, and though I can’t do it with as much intensity as before publishing, I enjoy the moments I can spare for the words even more than before.
      Have a lovely Spring, and have fun with your writing!

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      • No problem! Yeah, marketing, networking, and promotion are the bane of any author. After our first publication we have to find some kind of balance to it all. So yeah, you may not be writing quite as much as before, but networking can be very rewarding.

        Thanks, enjoy those moments you get to write as well!

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