Braenduir Chronicles

is a captivating new epic fantasy book series for adults. Not recommended for the most sensitive readers because of the explicit content, though! But if you don’t mind severed heads and intimate scenes, keep reading. 

Chapter by chapter, week to week

I decided that I hate marketing. It snatches an immense amount of time away from what I’d want to be doing, which is, obviously, working with the second book. Besides, spending all those hours in creating and posting ads on social media (which is pretty much the only way for me to market as what audience I might have is reachable only online and I can’t afford any costly ad campaigns on any platforms) has turned out quite fruitless.

(Click the button to start reading.)

So, instead of hammering my head to the wall for any longer, I’ll stop selling the book and give (force-feed) it for free on this side. I’m doing this mostly to regain the peace of mind needed for creating. The constant pondering of how to market gnaws my concentration making it impossible for me to keep writing though my head is swarming with ideas.

I did some editing on the book this week. I followed my own advice, rearranged the chapters, most of which were way too long, and chopped the longest paragraphs in shorter sections. Now that I got it done, I realize I should’ve seen to it ages ago. The book is definitely more readable now. I also edited the contents though with the lightest of hands. I do have a (bad) habit of writing lengthy descriptions of things that, despite of being relevant, aren’t necessarily interesting to the reader. I’ve tried to shed it (in some measures, at least) and think that I’m doing much better with the second book in that sense.

Without further ado, if You are looking for something new to read on Easter, the Prologue of Runecursed is available until April 20 on THIS SITE. I’ll update to a new chapter every Thursday, so, it’ll be one chapter per week and every chapter is readable only for one week. Comments are allowed and I would be over the moons if you gave me feedback.

happy Easter!


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