Braenduir Chronicles

is a captivating new epic fantasy book series for adults. Not recommended for the most sensitive readers because of the explicit content, though! But if you don’t mind severed heads and intimate scenes, keep reading. 

Sunnier times

It is so like me to try and climb into the tree with my backside first, so no wonder I did it with the book, too. On the other hand, had I not published it, I’d still be postponing the editing, making the cover and everything with the excuse of not having time for such when writing the second part, days in, days out. I was so engaged in creating the story that I ignored (consciously) everything else related to making a book. Now I’m learning things the hard way.

Now that the book is submitted under proper editing, the name of the series is changed to something more approachable, and the cover re-designed (for half a dozen times), I can only say that it isn’t entirely a bad thing that Runecursed has reached no more than a handful of readers, thus far. When it comes out again, it’s honed as close to perfection as possible, and I’ll be that much prouder to say that I wrote it. After all, I am a perfectionist when it comes to writing. I also know that I can improve in both storytelling and language and won’t spare myself in striving to become as good a writer as I can.

Maybe the increasing light of this slowly progressing spring helped me overcome the self-doubts and weariness that threatened to engulf me. Taking a couple of days off during Easter also cheered me up. I can’t remember when I last spent even a day without doing anything related to the book, and on the weekend, I was away from it almost two days in a row! It doesn’t sound much, but even such a short break worked wonders.

So, don’t forget to take a day off every now and then to enjoy the springtime! Creativity needs rest at least as much as incentives to flourish, and sometimes (in my case, always) the best ideas pop to mind in the middle of the midday walk.

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