Braenduir Chronicles

An epic fantasy series that tells the tale of three men, a soldier, a warrior, and a knight, all of whom are forced to take a path they wouldn’t have chosen for themselves, all of whom make unusual choices when it comes to love.

Winter Is Coming

And I welcome her with open arms. Winter equals more time for writing and beautiful sunrises. What more could you ask?

Hoarfrost. Picture by me.

My brain feels sluggish this morning. I haven’t written a word in two days, which is a long time, although I admit that it was probably for the best to stay away from my laptop. I’ve worked intensely with the standalone novel (I think) I mentioned earlier. I started it to alienate myself from Braenduir Chronicles for a while now that the (hopefully) final draft of the second book is ready. I didn’t expect the story to engulf me. It was meant as a way to air out my head, something that I wasn’t sure whether I’ll ever publish.

I still am unsure about it, even though the standalone (it has no name yet, not even a working title) is coming out more reader-friendly than BC was ever meant to be. That’s a smallish miracle because I am writing it in the first person, something I practically never do. And definitely something I tried to avoid simply because “everyone” is doing it nowadays. However, the first person felt like a natural choice for this story.

But so much for rambling about a book that’ll most likely never see daylight. I’ll give you another picture that has nothing to do with anything but the title, and wish you a fantastic new week!

The last leaves of a birch tree. Pic by me.

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