Braenduir Chronicles

is a captivating new epic fantasy book series for adults. Not recommended for the most sensitive readers because of the explicit content, though! But if you don’t mind severed heads and intimate scenes, keep reading. 


Early Reviewers Wanted!

If you’d like to support an indie author and read the book UPFRONT for FREE, this is your chance! I’m looking for early reviewers for Slavemarked, so if you have read Runecursed and are willing to review the sequel on any public platform you use for that purpose, DM (IG/FB) me your email address with…

Keep on Writing

Everyone who’s ever tried their hand at writing knows it’s hard work. Writers work because they have an inner urge to tell stories, not because they expect to earn big financial profits. Many of us never get noticed by the public. Still, we keep writing because the words are like air to us -we couldn’t…

Looking for a Christmas read?

Christmas is coming and you have nothing to read? Why wouldn’t you check out my first book Runecursed? It’s guaranteed to keep you occupied through the Holidays! Via the link below you’ll get to know what others think about it: REVIEWS ON GOODREADS You’ll find the ebook on Amazon ($0.99), Smashwords (You may choose whether…

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