Braenduir Chronicles

An epic fantasy series that tells the tale of three men, a soldier, a warrior, and a knight, all of whom are forced to take a path they wouldn’t have chosen for themselves, all of whom make unusual choices when it comes to love.



The final draft of Slavemarked that is. The summer was trying to say the least, and I admit that I came close to trashing the whole book project more than once. I wrote the first part in the spring and was extremely happy with how it turned out. However, I struggled a lot with some […]

Kirjan suomenkielinen laitos

(To my English speaking readers: this post is about the Finnish edition of Runecursed. Where to download it etc.) Lupasin aiemmin kesällä, että esikoisromaanini (engl. Runecursed) ilmestyy suomeksi syksyllä luku kerrallaan. Yritän olla sanani mittainen nainen, joten Riimuin kirotun prologi on nyt ladattavissa pdf-tiedostona täällä Koska englanninkielinen alkuteoskin on ollut tarjolla ilmaiseksi, myös Riimuin […]

Six Bookless Weeks of Summer

I knew I can’t get much writing done with my spouse home on vacation, so I thought I’d read, instead. What better way to spend long, lazy summer days than reading a book? Shoveling dirt, breaking down a porch, and shoveling some more dirt if you ask our dear, old house. Thanks to the leaking […]

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